Cathy Fields



City of Seattle Substation

Mysteries Among The Stacks, Tualatin, OR Public Library

Hugh's Mural, acrylic on 6 panels, 40" X 90", copyright 2014

The Mask Maker, Bates Technical College, Tacoma, WA

Polk County FL Dental Clinic

Tualatin, Oregon, Centennial triptych

Salishan Gardens Lobby Mural, Tacoma, WA, Size 4'6" X 15'

Shepherd's Garden Mural, Shoreline, WA, Size 6'6" X 10'6"

Two murals for the County City Building in Tacoma, WA, Size 6' X 5' each

Urban Animals in Seattle, WA, Porcelain enamel on steel murals, powder coated aluminum sculpture, caste bronze inlay, 64' wide

Urban Animals, detail of bus shelter

Child's Room Mural, 4' X 5'

It's The People, Size 7.5' x 7', Westfield Community School, Algonquin, IL