Cathy Fields



Mysteries Among The Stacks, Tualatin, OR Public Library

Hugh's Mural, 2014

City of Seattle Substation

The Mask Maker, Bates Technical College, Tacoma, WA

Polk County FL Dental Clinic

Tualatin, Oregon, Centennial triptych

Salishan Gardens Lobby Mural, Tacoma, WA, Size 4'6" X 15'

Shepherd's Garden Mural, Shoreline, WA, Size 6'6" X 10'6"

Two murals for the County City Building in Tacoma, WA, Size 6' X 5' each

Urban Animals in Seattle, WA, Porcelain enamel on steel murals, powder coated aluminum sculpture, caste bronze inlay, 64' wide

Urban Animals, detail of bus shelter

Child's Room Mural, 4' X 5'

It's The People, Size 7.5' x 7', Westfield Community School, Algonquin, IL