Cathy Fields



Recurring Dream, (Auckland City Hospital, Auckland, New Zealand)

Foxes On Tour, (Jackson County Health Department, FL)

Into The Sunset, (Jackson County Health Department, FL)

Heroes At Sea, (Escambia County Health Dept., FL)

Evolving Process, (County Health Dept., South Walton, FL)

A Delicate Balance, Seattle City Light, (mural prototype)

Clouds On The Wing, (Tacoma Power, Tacoma, WA)

A Woodland Oasis, (Jackson County Health Dept., FL)

A Salmon's Life, (Florida A & M University)

A Crustaceans Eye View, (City of Seattle)

Air Show, (King County International Airport, Seattle, WA)

Ralph Goes Fishing, (King County International Airport, Seattle, WA)

By The Sweat of His Brow, (City of Seattle)

Road Trips, (St. Lucie County Health Dept., FL)